Capow Superheros

Millions of us – kids and adults alike – love dreaming that we have super powers.

So if you’re a secret superhero, or have a passion for Cosplay,

we can help turn fantasy into reality and capture it forever with our cinematic CAPOW experience.
Perfect for little Marvel fans (and big ones too) heroes can grapple and flex with a range of props, from boulders to girders and chains to shields.

All in front of a range of realistic movie backgrounds, including a death-defying skyscraper drop.

And while everyone’s busy saving the world, we will use our super-vision to find amazing poses, so every thrilling moment is saved forever.

During the session, you’ll have access to a collection of fully licenced Marvel and DC superhero costumes and props (or feel free to bring your own).

We’ll create a variety of photographs in front of our dramatic backdrops for your child or yourselves as you get the chance to channel their inner superhero.

The sessions are suitable for children aged 5 to adult – yes, parents can take part too. Why not join the kids and have some fun with them?

(Please note that for children under five you’ll need to bring along your own costume, and that these sessions are not suitable for newborns or children under 6-8 months who cannot sit unaided).

Hollywood Blockbuster Treatment

Then after your shoot’s finished, the studio team will use their powers to enhance your images with all kinds of special effects,

from dramatic light to extreme weather layers, so all your photos pack a punch thanks to the full Hollywood blockbuster treatment.

Included in the session is a 10×8 print

The FinePrint:
Winning Vouchers expires 6 months from date of purchase
Limit 4 people per voucher.

Booking required by phone on 01603 414122, or by using the button below to reserve your studio slot. 48 hour cancellation policy.

Valid Tues-Fri 10am – 4.30pm for children only,  or if adults are taking part Saturday sessions are availabile.

Must be 18 or older to book and under 18’s must be supervised, suitable for ages 5-100.

Valid for studio session only. Can only use this offer once. 

Capow Photography Norwich.




Capow Superheros Session

£199.00 £49.00
  • Up to 1 hour session
  • 4 Outfit changes permitted
  • Separate cinematic viewing session
  • 10 x 8 print included
  • Up to 6 people per voucher